Jacob Marks

A short animation from the world of Vaults Of Vaarn
A Vaults Of Vaarn setting with mummified robots and landed meteors.
Find a mystic-gift granting sun spider in the deserts of Vaarn.
A lumberjack and moose filled forestcrawl for Cairn
A Vaults Of Vaarn adventure within an abandoned dune crawler
Descend into a long lost library. Recover secrets to reshape the future.
A variety of tables for Vaults Of Vaarn
A Random Map Generator For Vaults Of Vaarn
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psychedelic system neutral TTRPG setting filled with tiny floating moons
A Gothic horror RPG pamphlet that uses playing cards
A dumb one page RPG written (almost) entirely within the borders of the page.
One page RPG in which a group of backpackers must escape from a faerie forest before becoming fae themselves
A D10 table for MÖRK BORG containing positive events with a twist
Two new monsters for MÖRK BORG
A rules-light horror RPG that fits on a business card.
This surreal Troika minizine includes a bizarre setting, encounters, and an npc.
A Troika minizine featuring a sinister Film Noir city.
A collection of chess themed enemies for MÖRK BORG
Three Strange Items For Vaults Of Vaarn
My own alternative layout for character generation in the RPG Any Planet Is Earth
Stylistic shooter where every key is a player. Crowd around your keyboard and fight for dominance!
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Contributed To

This is a collection of works I've contributed layout and art to.


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