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Beyond The Borders Of Fae Lands is a one page roleplaying game in which the players take on the role of lost backpackers. Their ill prepared journey has led them over the threshold into a mysterious faerie forest; now they must find a way out before they themselves become fae.

The game is meant to evoke feelings inspired in me by a number of sources including: The work of Lord Dunsany, Brian Froud's art, Alan Lee's art, Over The Garden Wall, the Dolmenwood setting from Necrotic Gnome, and Veins Of The Earth by Patrick Stuart and Scrap Princess.

The feeling of being trapped in a mysterious location that is slowly changing you is inspired primarily by the mechanics of Veins Of The Earth.

The game is barely tested and I really can't say if it even works. I'll be doing some playtesting soon and will correct things if I find issues.

This was developed for the One-Page RPG Jam 2021 here on itch.io (https://itch.io/jam/one-page-rpg-jam-2021). The feeling of crossing over a threshold into a strange land you can't escape I hope fits the theme of "Borders".

The rules are 2 pages which you should print double sided on thick US Letter paper. The third page is character sheets.

All art is Public Domain.

Typeset in Vinque, KingsCross, and Crimson Text.

Install instructions

US Letter sized. If you want an A4 size just ask in the comments and I'll try and make one!

I recommend printing on thick paper. The first two pages are double sided to fit on one piece of paper. The third page is just character sheets.


BeyondTheBordersOfFaeLands.pdf 5 MB
BeyondTheBordersOfFaeLands_v2.pdf 5 MB

Development log


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Hey, just wanted to let you know that this would be a great submission to the Fae Jam 2021 (Old content allowed)


I'm finally submitting it! Thanks for the comment :)